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Geosynthetic Clay Liners

GSE-GeosyntheticClayLiners-170x170 Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) combine geosynthetics with sodium bentonite clay to form a highly impermeable barrier that often replaces thick layers of expensive compacted clay. 

GSE offers two different products, a geomembrane supported GCL and a fabric encased GCL, both of which deliver reduced cost and increased performance even in the most demanding environments such as landfill liners, coal ash disposal facilities and mining applications.

Contact GSE’s experts to discuss the variety of geosynthetic clay liners available.

Geomembrane Supported

GSE GundSeal geomembrane supported GCL provides the best leak protection available in the market. Our product combines a HDPE or LLDPE geomembrane in a smooth or textured surface with the swelling and sealing ability of sodium bentonite.

Fabric Encased

What makes GSE BentoLiner GCL unique is that it incorporates a woven geotextile for dimensional stability and is reinforced for increased internal shear strength. GSE BentoLiner offers an array of different features for applications requiring a wide range of load and slope conditions in landfills, mining and pond projects.