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Geonets and Geocomposites

GSE offers a broad range of quality geonet and geocomposite drainage liners designed to complement or replace sand, stone and gravel.

Our geonet products are used for: erosion control, foundation wall drainage, landfill leachate collection in landfill liners, leak detection, caps and closures, methane gas collection, pond leak detection, roadway and pavement drainage and other subsurface drainage system applications.

If you require geocomposite drainage filtration to keep silt and soil particles from clogging the flow or to increase the friction characteristics, GSE offers geocomposites consisting of a geonet heat-bonded with a nonwoven needle-punched geotextile. It is an optimal solution for landfill liner applications.

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GSE standard bi-planar geonets and geocomposites consist of two sets of HDPE strands, intersecting at different angles and spacing.


GSE tri-planar geonets and geocomposites consist of centralized middle HDPE strands that provide channelized flow, and diagonally placed top and bottom strands that minimize geotextile intrusion.


GSE tri-axial geonets and geocomposites consist of vertical central HDPE strands with either horizontal top strands (T-shaped) or horizontal top and bottom strands (box-shaped) for improved performance.

Specialty Systems

These premium, highly-engineered drainage systems were designed for specific applications that demand superior flow and filtering performance. GSE offers specialty drainage systems for coal ash containment, heap leach pad mining, landfills and more.


GSE RoaDrain synthetic subsurface drainage layer is a cost-effective, proven alternative to traditional drainage materials.