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Leak Location Liners: Conductive Geomembranes for Fast Leak Detection

GSE understands that sometimes leaks happen. An accidentally dropped tool, an oversized rock, or machinery used to place cover material can cause tears or holes in the geomembrane. We also understand the challenges to finding leaks easily and repairing them quickly, before problems develop which can end up costing time, money or damage to your reputation.

Leak Location Liners

That’s why GSE developed the Leak Location Liner, a high-performance geomembrane with a coextruded, electrically conductive bottom layer. With Leak Location Liner, Spark and Dipole surveys can be conducted on both exposed and covered applications, helping to reduce the probability of exceeding the specified Action Leakage Rate (ALR). The conductive layer makes it possible to detect leaks on wrinkles and other nonconductive surfaces, and it allows the liner to be retested as often as necessary, even after cover materials have been placed.

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The liner is available with an optional white surface which reflects sunlight and lowers the temperature of the liner to reduce wrinkles. An optional textured surface is available, as well, which helps stabilize the liner, and the surface characteristics of the texture can be varied on each side of the geomembrane.