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GSE’s reputation for reliability has been built through our dedication to providing consistency of product, price and protection to our worldwide customers.

We’re committed to innovation and focused on quality, and that, along with our expertise, lets us offer flexibility to our clients, collaborating with them to create a custom, purpose-fit solution.


Forty years ago, we set the standard for durable, dependable geosynthetic products. Learn more about where we’ve been and how it’s influencing where we’re headed.

GSE's origins can be traced back to Schlegel Lining Technology and Gundle Lining Systems, which pioneered the first high-density polyethylene product in 1972. Over the next four decades, the company evolved into GSE and became a global industry leader. During that time, GSE built a well-oiled machine that produces durable, dependable geosynthetic lining products and systems.



GSE's precursor, Schlegel Lining Technology and Gundle Lining Systems, pioneers high-density lining systems.



Gundle merges with SLT Environmental, Inc., creating GSE Lining Technology, Inc.



GSE acquires Serrot International, Inc. to complement its core business and strengthen its global presence.



GSE becomes GSE Environmental and launches a new brand that better represents the company and its future goals.



Solmax acquires GSE.


GSE is known as the pioneer in our industry. We've laid the groundwork for leadership, innovation and reliability and we’re known for our firsts.

  • GSE was the first to pioneer textured sheet, White, Green, and Conductive geomembrane
  • GSE was the first to develop a full-scale geosynthetic laboratory
  • GSE was the first to use surface mapping to drive increased shear performance
  • GSE has been a pioneer in the development and constant improvements on welding technology
  • GSE has developed the widest breadth and depth of geosynthetic product offerings
  • GSE has been the leader on working with resin manufacturers to improve product quality

Today, GSE offers the largest selection and highest quality geosynthetic products on the market. Billions of square feet of GSE products have been installed around the world and we continue to increase standardized specifications for the highest quality systems and service.

We may be known for our firsts, but those firsts won’t be our last.

Working Responsibly

Ethical business is good business. We know that acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards is how we retain relationships with our customers and attract the best employees. That’s why integrity and accountability are part of what we’re made of.

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Serving Responsibly

The very nature of our business protects the environment, but GSE takes this responsibility to another level, making it a part of everything we do and going to the greatest lengths possible to guard the interests of those we serve around the world.

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