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GSE GundShield Oil Containment Booms

Polyethylene has proved to be the most popular geomembrane lining material, and this extends to oil containment booms. This popularity is due to polyethylene’s high UV and chemical resistance in addition to its flexibility. Through developments in resin technology, today’s polyethylene geomembranes exhibit outstanding resistance to stress cracking and thermal aging.

GSE geomembranes are made of high quality, virgin polyethylene, which demonstrates excellent chemical resistance – making polyethylene a great solution for oil spill containment. GSE polyethylene geomembranes are resistant to a great number and combinations of chemicals. It is this property of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes that makes it the lining material of choice.


GSE GundShield


GSE GundShield oil containment booms are constructed with 40 mil high-density polyethylene, with a dense foam float, galvanized steel weights, and aluminum connectors. Our GundShield is available in either white or black and in 100-foot lengths. GSE products are manufactured from high-grade resin blended with antioxidants and carbon black for enhanced UV resistance. Due to the chemical structure of polyethylene our GundShield product has many advantages over PVC. GSE also offers products such as QuickContainment and decontamination pads to assist with clean-up efforts.


Oil Containment


Gundshield Oil Containment Boom Product Sheet

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