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Liner Integrity Monitoring System

GSE Leak Location Liner System has proven to be the most effective method for locating and quickly repairing leaks before a facility is put into operation. But once installation is complete, how will you demonstrate to regulators and others that the system is performing in order to minimize liability?


The Next Level of Assurance

The GSE Liner Integrity Monitoring System is the newest advance in a long history of innovative products from GSE. It provides the next level of quality assurance and risk management: continuous, long-term monitoring of a geomembrane system for early detection of leaks.

Long-Term Reliability

Consisting of GSE Leak Location Liner, Engineered Sensors embedded in the liner, and a Central Monitoring Unit, the system works by measuring the electrical fields above and below the geomembrane. If the liner is damaged, the system detects a change in the electrical field and signals a leak. This process is repeated in cycles to continuously monitor the site and provide real-time information to the operator.

When You Need to Be Sure

GSE Liner Integrity Monitoring System will add another layer of protection to any application where you can't afford a leak. From mitigating environmental risks to helping prevent product or fresh water loss, if there is a critical need to guard against leaks, GSE Liner Integrity Monitoring System can do the job.

GSE Leak Location Liner

A white, high performance geomembrane with an insulated conductive bottom layer that when installed with the GSE IsoWedge weld attachment, enables the most accurate Electrical Liner Integrity surveys on both covered and exposed geomembranes, across seams, on slopes, and over wrinkles.

Helpful Documents

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