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GSE-Geogrids-170x170GSE offers a variety of geogrid products to fit each project's specific needs.

Syntec SBx Biaxial geogrids are specially designed to provide a quick, long-term solution to stabilizing and strengthening roads and worksites, and reducing the thickness of aggregate base layers. SBx geogrids confine stone and soil particles to prevent lateral shearing. Vehicular and equipment loads are spread over a much broader surface area, reducing the pressure applied to the subgrade. 

Syntec UX Uniaxial geogrids are designed to carry high tensile loads over a sustained period of time. These types of loads are common to reinforce soil slopes and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls or berms. UX geogrids also can be used for high-strength soil reinforcement.

Syntec MG Biaxial Geogrids are integrally formed biaxial geogrids designed for use in underground mining and tunnel applications that require rib control, soft bottom reinforcement, or soil stabilization.

SBX biaxial geogrids
Syntec SBx Biaxial Geogrid


Syntec SBx Biaxial Geogrids offer the most economical, expedient and reliable solution to stabilize weak soils or reinforce aggregate base materials. When used, SBx Geogrids prevent lateral soil movement beneath the load, reduce the pressure applied to the subgrade, and improve bearing capacity.

UX geogrid 130 x 130
Syntec UX Uniaxial Geogrid


Syntec UX Geogrids are integrally formed uniaxial geogrids that resist chemical degradation and elongation (creep) when subjeced to high loads for long periods of time. They are designed to install quickly in stand-alone applications, as well as in conjunction with various MSE walls systems or with various soil stabilization systems.

MG geogrid 130 x 130
Syntec MG Biaxial Geogrid


Syntec MG Geogrids are integrally formed biaxial geogrids made from the highest quality, flame-retardant polypropylene resin. Syntec MG geogrids offer an expedient and reliable solution to underground mining and tunnel applications that require roof and rib control, soft bottom reinforcement, or soil stabilization.

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