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Geosynthetic Lining Systems

Essakane Raw Water Reservoirs


In 2008, IAMGOLD acquired the Essakane Gold Mine in Burkina Faso, Africa, and quickly implemented mine, plant and support infrastructure. The plant process water was obtained from storage basins built from easily accessible, low permeability sparolite (clay) material. Operators soon discovered that the potential for seepage in the storage basins was more elevated than previously foreseen, which could hinder the mine’s ability to meet production targets. Taking into consideration future expansion plans, IAMGOLD Engineering and Construction determined the best strategy would be to build a new reservoir, bulk water storage (BWS) 3, to add capacity. Once BWS 3 was operational, the two existing reservoirs (BWS 1 and 2) would be lined to ensure a sufficient raw water supply.

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Project Specs

Products Used:
GSE HDPE White Smooth Geomembrane

Burkina Faso, Africa

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