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Geosynthetic Lining Systems

GSE High Temperature Liner Withstands Elevated Temperatures at Canadian Potash Mine


The Canadian province Saskatchewan experienced a boost to its local economy with the construction of the first new potash mine in this region in over 40 years. As part of the solution mining process, the site was constructed with a series of brine ponds and oil separation ponds for the primary containment of heated liquids.

Due to the chemical constituents present in the mining solutions, the liner needed to withstand degradation from brine, used oil, diesel, distillate, and ultraviolet exposure. In addition, during the 25-year service life of the ponds, fluid temperatures were expected to fluctuate between extreme highs and lows, soaring up to 83oC in storage facilities or sinking to -20oC or below when exposed to the typical climate in the Canadian plains.

Environmental stewardship was a critical success factor from the owner’s perspective, and any liner that could not maintain its integrity against both the chemicals and elevated temperatures of stored liquids would be unacceptable.

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Project Specs

Products Used:

GSE High Temperature Liner
80 mil HDPE

Saskatchewan, Canada

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