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Geosynthetic Lining Systems

Irwin Creek Equalization Facilities


In 1999 the engineering firm of Camp, Dresser & McKee was examining the options available for a subsurface drainage system as part of the Irwin Creek Equalization Storage Basin for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities in Charlotte, NC. The project would require a subsurface drainage system underneath a 40 million gallon concrete-lined, rebar-reinforced storage basin. This facility presented a significant challenge due to the 2:1 slopes present on the side walls of the basin. Initial consideration was given to placing free-draining aggregate in the subsurface drainage system; however, an alternative was sought due to the logistics of grading aggregate on 2:1 side slopes.

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Project Specs

Products Used:
GSE TenDrain Geocomposite

Charlotte, NC

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