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GSE StudLiner Proves the Perfect Choice for County Sewer


The Strathcona County sanitary sewer line had serviced over 26,000 people in the 35 years it had been in operation. Over time, the original concrete pipeline suffered various degrees of hydrogen sulfide corrosion within the obvert section of the pipe. Root intrusion had also caused poor structural conditions in various locations.


It was decided that the original sanitary sewer line be replaced with a new sewer line that would ultimately service over 29,000 people. Since the original project specifications required all PVC pipe and manholes, Strathcona County decided to use GSE StudLiner to line 26 manholes and 373.5 meters of 1050 mm diameter sewer pipe. The decision was based on HDPE’s excellent corrosion resistance and long-term life expectancy.

Post-installation sealing of the joints was completed using electro-fusion welding, which seals the joints between the pipe sections by using HDPE cap strip with electrical wire attached to the cap strip. A voltage supply was fastened to the electrical wire and a current was generated to attach the HDPE cap strip to the StudLiner panels.

The Result

GSE StudLiner proved to be an excellent choice for this application due to the product’s ability to provide outstanding chemical resistance, superior pullout strength and long-term performance.

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Project Specs

Products Used:
GSE Studliner

Alberta, Canada 

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