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GSE Helps Launch of a New Arizona Power Plant


GSE GundSeal GCL was installed as the secondary composite liner system for six cooling and process ponds at the Springerville Power Plant in Northeast Arizona.


The bottom double composite liner system materials included (from bottom to top) 60 mil textured GSE GundSeal GCL, a GSE drainage geocomposite leak detection layer and a 60 mil textured primary geomembrane liner.

The GSE GundSeal GCL liner system included bentonite attached to the 60 mil HDPE geomembrane backing to form a one-product composite liner installation. The lengthwise edges of the product were manufactured with a bentonite free geomembrane edge, allowing for wedge welding seams in line with typical geomembrane installations. To replace the clay under the seams, GSE GundSeal GCL seam strips were installed to ensure continuous bentonite under the seam areas. The lining system installation was performed by GSE Installation Services.

The Result

The bottom lining system project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. By installing the GSE GundSealGCL versus two separate layers of geomembrane and fabric GCL, several advantages were gained resulting in an approximate 15% cost savings to the construction of the bottom liner system.

Advantages included:

  • Minimal wrinkles of GSE GundSeal GCL, extending welding windows
  • Time and CQA savings by installing just one product versus two 
  • No wind uplift concerns due to the insulating effect of the GSE GundSeal GCL bentonite coating versus a geomembrane
  • Reduced roll handling and material scrap/overlap factor of a one-product installation


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Project Specs

Products Used:
HDPE Textured Geomembranes

Northeast Arizona, USA 

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