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Case Studies

We don’t just claim to be the best in the industry – we can prove it. Read our case studies to learn how even in the harshest environments and the most demanding applications around the world, GSE’s innovative products and dedicated team of experts have delivered cost-effective, reliable lining systems that help protect the environment and our customers’ bottom lines.

GSE RoaDrain JD - Drainage Where It Is Needed Most

The primary cause of premature damage is insufficient drainage under rigid pavements. Expansion joints are particularly troublesome because they provide a direct path for surface water into the base materials.

County Highway 34/NW 26th Street

The long, cold winters of Minnesota can be detrimental to pavements. GSE RoaDrain provides a simplified drainage base that lasts longer, costs less, and installs easier than natural stone.

Southwest Parkway Reconstruction

GSE RoaDrain provided a conduit to channel the groundwater out from under the structural layers of the roadway to adjacent edge drains, ensuring a long service life.

Athabasca Oil Sands Project

GSE RoaDrain provides a subsurface drainage solution capable of performing under the 125,000 lb loads of an aircraft.

Steele County Highway 35

GSE RoaDrain prevents water accumulation in pavement structure.

Dubuque Landfill

GSE TenDrain Triplanar Geocomposite replaces granular drainage layer and produces revenue gains of over $650,000.

Potash Mining

GSE High Temperature Liners withstand the elevated temperatures of mine processing operations and the harsh Canadian climate.

Erdenet Copper Dump Leach Pad

Laboratory evaluation shows that a GSE geomembrane from a copper leach pad is still performing after 16 years of exposure to harsh weather.

New River Regional Landfill

Tri-Planar geonet and geocomposite improve leachate recirculation in a bioreactor-ready landfill bottom liner system.

Twin Creeks Landfill

DuraFlow Tri-Axial Geocomposite helps with leachate management in double intrusion landfill.

White Smooth Geomembrane Helps Restore Water Supply to Essakane Gold Mine

After acquiring the Essakane Gold Mine, IAMGOLD soon discovered that the potential for seepage in the water reservoirs built from saprolite was more elevated than previously forseen. 

Lyon County Landfill Expansion

TenDrain Tri-Planar Geocomposite provides the "break" required for unique inward gradient design.

Irwin Creek Flow Equalization Facilities

TenDrain Tri-Axial Geocomposite helps reduce construction time and save money for the owner of the Irwin Creek Equalization Storage Basin. 

Coal Ash Storage - A 30 Year Forensic Study

After thirty years of service in a coal ash storage facility, geomembrane materials were replaced with a new product. This event offered a rare opportunity to obtain forensic samples for testing and evaluation, and to document the performance of these materials subjected to real-world aging and exposure conditions.

Leak Location Liner Helps Put Aeration Basin Back in Business

The Town of Thompson’s Station, a community south of Nashville, TN, has experienced a surge of economic growth.  In the spring of 2012, Aeration Basin 2 at a town wastewater treatment plant was in need of repair.  After considering several alternatives, the Project Team decided to reline the basin.  

GSE StudLiner Proves the Perfect Choice for County Sewer

The Strathcona County sanitary sewer line had serviced over 26,000 people in the 35 years it had been in operation. Over time, the original concrete pipeline suffered various degrees of hydrogen sulfide corrosion within the obvert section of the pipe. Root intrusion had also caused poor structural conditions in various locations.

GSE's Electrically Conductive Geomembranes Perform at Large Mining Operation

GSE constructed a reservoir with a double synthetic liner and leak detection drainage layer. A 60 mil (1.5 mm) secondary liner of GSE Conductive, GSE HyperNet drainage net and an 80 mil (2.0 mm) primary liner of white-surfaced GSE Conductive comprised the system. The project used a total of 1.7 million square feet (160,000 square meters) of geomembrane.

GSE's Pond Liner System Still Holding Up After Three Decades

One of GSE’s earliest projects was for a steam electric generation station in Colorado. For this power plant application, we lined eight containment ponds ranging in size from less than an acre to over 20 acres. The ponds are used to store intermediate quality water, for fly ash recovery and as brine ponds.

GSE Lining Eliminates Water Loss in Putah South Canal

The Putah South Canal in Vacaville, CA, which supplies irrigation water for the Solano Irrigation District, was having a continuing problem with seepage. After only partially mitigating the problem by lowering the surface height of the canal water, the decision was made to reline the worst section of the canal, which was about 4,000 feet in length.

GSE Lines 59,000 Feet of Canal in Mountains of Peru

GSE was called upon to line the newly constructed Pasto Grande Umarzo Canal project in the mountains of Peru. The concrete-lined canal measures 59,000 feet (18 km) and supplies drinking and irrigation water to an agricultural community.

GSE Bentoliner Contains Wet Process Ash for a 3,520 Megawatt Facility

GSE supplied approximately 1,000,000 square feet of our innovative GSE Bentoliner CAR (Coal Ash Resistant) Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) to a 3,520-megawatt Southeastern United States for the containment of wet process ash. The owner insisted that no GCL additives used be toxic or enhance any microbial growth in the surrounding soils and water table.

GSE Helps Launch of a New Arizona Power Plant

GSE GundSeal GCL was installed as the secondary composite liner system for six cooling and process ponds at the Springerville Power Plant in Northeast Arizona.

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