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Geosynthetic Lining Systems

Pond Liners

Pond liners are exposed to the elements and rigorous use. To minimize leak testing costs and maximize your investment, we developed GSE Leak Location, a unique geomembrane which allows for spark testing to detect leaks. Use GSE Leak Location along with a GSE geonet or geocomposite to test pond liners in place, year after year.


Case Studies

GSE Lining Eliminates Water Loss in Putah South Canal

The Putah South Canal in Vacaville, CA, which supplies irrigation water for the Solano Irrigation District, was having a continuing problem with seepage. After only partially mitigating the problem by lowering the surface height of the canal water, the decision was made to reline the worst section of the canal, which was about 4,000 feet in length.

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GSE Lines 59,000 Feet of Canal in Mountains of Peru

GSE was called upon to line the newly constructed Pasto Grande Umarzo Canal project in the mountains of Peru. The concrete-lined canal measures 59,000 feet (18 km) and supplies drinking and irrigation water to an agricultural community.

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