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Shale Oil & Gas 

Oil and natural gas production is one of the most challenging industries in the world, and companies face growing and often changing pressures from the political, economical, and environmental fronts. On one hand, there is the increasing demand for energy brought about by global population growth and emerging economies. One the other hand, there are concerned citizens questioning the safety and environmental impact of oil and gas recovery methods.

This is why geosynthetics play an important role in protecting the environment and helping to provide a safe working area during shale oil and gas recovery. GSE Environmental offers a complete line of dependable geosynthetic solutions for every stage of the oil and gas extraction process.

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GSE Geosynthetic Solutions for Oil & Gas Extraction

GSE Leak Location Liner - An electrically conductive bottom layer allows spark and dipole testing to be performed quickly to detect and repair damage.

GSE High Temperature Liner - A polyethylene geomembrane specially engineered to retain its properties when exposed to sustained termperature up to 100oC.

GSE ContainMat - A composite liner system designed specifically for oil and gas secondary containment.

GSE Geocomposite - A high-density geonet and non-woven geotextile product that  transmits fluids and gasses uniformly under many field conditions.

GSE Bentoliner GCL - A needle-punched geosynthetic clay liner comprised of a uniform layer of soduim bentonite encapsulated between a woven and non-woven geotextile. 

About GSE

GSE is a leading manufacturer and marketer of geosynthetic lining products and services. We've built a reputation of reliability through our dedication to providing consistency of product, price and protection to our global customers.

Our commitment to innovation, our focus on quality and our industry expertise allow us the flexibility to collaborate with our clients to develop a custom, purpose-fit solution.