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Coal Ash Cover System

"...fewer problems are typically seen with the use of composite cover systems...The EPA, therefore, generally recommends that facilities install a composite cover system, rather than a compacted clay barrier, as the composite system has often proven to be more effective (and cost effective) over the long term."

- EPA Preamble to Coal Combustion Residual Regulations

A Simple, Reliable, and Economical Solution

Until the EPA recently published rules regarding the safe disposal of CCRs, the disposal of coal ash was largely unregulated at the federal level. These new standards create new challenges for owners and operators, and simply following the minimum guidelines does not negate liability should the closure prove deficient over time. 

Systems must minimize or eliminate to the maximum extent practical, post-closure infiltration of liquids into the waste and releases into surface and ground waters. Designs shall include any measures necessary to ensure major slope stability and account for any condition that may cause the final cover system not to perform as intended. 

barrier illustration


  • The superior performance of GSE TenFlow triaxial drainage geocomposites allow longer slopes, minimizing or eliminating intermittent drains. 
  • GSE High Performance LLDPE and GSE BentoLiner GCL do away with time-consuming construction of a compacted infiltration layer. 


  • The EPA rule identified seepage forces as a common cause of final cover slope failure. GSE TenFlow provides maximum efficiency to minimize this danger. 
  • Laboratory testing and on-site CQA ensure long-term, predictable performance over the life of the system. 


  • GSE TenFlow allows the use of readily-available, native materials, which can save thousands of dollars per acre in construction costs.
  • The thinner cross section of the GSE Coal Ash Cover System increases the volume for waste storage prior to closure.

GSE Coal Ash Cover System 

TenFlow GeocompositeGSE TenFlow Geocomposite

TenFlow geocomposite is a t-shaped triaxial geonet heat laminated on one or both sides with a GSE nonwoven needle-punched geotextile. The three-dimensional structure provides planar water flow.  

LLLGSE High Performance LLDPE Geomembrane

High Performance LLDPE geomembranes are specially designed for applications that require protection against the most hazardous substances in addition to a high level of flexibility. The break elongation and multi-axial performance of GSE HP LLDPE is well above the industry standard.

GSE BentoLiner GCL

The uniform layer of sodium bentonite encapsulated between a geotextile provides dimensional stability on moderate to steep slopes and moderate to high load applications. 

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