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Coal Ash Barrier System

In recent years, the storage of coal ash has become an increasing concern. Power facilities and utility companies have realized the consequences of inadequate coal ash containment, and the possibility of contaminated groundwater has brought the issue to the forefront.

A Better Solution

GSE collaborated with leading utility companies to develop its Coal Ash Barrier System, which outperforms other Subtitle D constructions. It's the only system of its kind, and it combines three of our innovative geosynthetic products working in tandem to provide superior results.

barrier illustration

Benefits Over Minimum Subtitle D

  • Provides greater durability, consistency, and reliability than a standard Subtitle D liner system at a potentially lower cost
  • Reduces risks of groundwater contamination
  • Ensures compliance with current and future government regulations
  • Increases landfill capacity and optimizes land use
  • Easier and quicker to install, so you stay on schedule

GSE Coal Ash Barrier System 

CoalDrainGSE CoalDrain Geocomposite

GSE CoalDrain replaces the filter layer and the leachate collection layer in a typical Subtitle D liner system. It uses a highly engineered geotextile that has been developed specifically for CCRs. The filter and drainage performance of GSE CoalDrain has been verified through laboratory and field testing.  

LLLGSE Leak Location Liner

This high performance, coextruded HDPE geomembrane is specifically designed for use in the most stringent applications. This product has a UV-stabilized upper white surface that reflects light, enables damage detection and reduces wrinkles and subgrade desiccation. The electrically conductive bottom layer makes it easy to test for leaks in a safe, effective, and cost-efficient manner. 

BentoLiner CAR GCLGSE BentoLiner Coal Ash Resistant GCL

BentoLiner CAR geosynthetic clay liner combines geosynthetics with sodium bentonite clay to form a highly impermeable barrier that often replaces thick layers of expensive compacted clay liners. GSE has added polymer-enhnaced sodium bentonite clay to our standard GCL to provide superior coal ash resistance. 

About GSE

GSE is a leading manufacturer and marketer of geosynthetic lining products and services. We've built a reputation of reliability through our dedication to providing consistency of product, price and protection to our global customers.

Our commitment to innovation, our focus on quality and our industry expertise allow us the flexibility to collaborate with our clients to develop a custom, purpose-fit solution.