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Barrier Systems

Civil engineering projects must fill a number of requirements to minimize environmental impact. At the same time, they must be properly and effectively protected for safety and long-term reliability. Protect groundwater and your investment with GSE geosynthetics.

Applications - Civil - Transportation

Pavement Protection

GSE geomembranes are also an optimal choice for pavement liners. Use GSE geomembranes under roadways to protect steel reinforcement under the pavement and prevent oil- and salt-based contaminants from making contact with groundwater.

GSE nonwoven geotextiles provide effective protection for concrete pavement. Proper drainage at the base layer of pavement is considered essential for the long-term integrity of the roadway. The use of GSE geotextiles at the subgrade-base layer ensures effective drainage at the base layer, thus prolonging the life of the pavement.

Temporary Retaining Walls

During roadway expansion projects, temporary retaining walls must sometimes be built to keep traffic flowing. Fabric-encased walls using GSE nonwoven geotextiles are an effective solution – depending on the wall height and soil type, retaining walls may be built with or without reinforcement, and they are more affordable than traditional alternatives.

Vapor Barriers

GSE geomembranes have been used to effectively prevent unwanted gas from migrating into commercial and residential buildings. Risks from exposure to methane and radon gas can be mitigated by installing a GSE geomembrane either below or over the foundation.

Storm Water Runoff

Storm water runoff from roadways and parking areas is generally mixed with some amount of oil-based pollutants and salts. This can have a negative impact on groundwater, even if runoff water is collected in drainage areas.

GSE geosynthetic products prevent pollutants from coming into contact with groundwater supplies. GSE geosynthetic clay liners have low permeability and are easily installed, which makes them an effective, affordable alternative for lining swales and water detention basins. Traditionally these have been lined with concrete, which is much more expensive and complicated.

Tunnel Lining 

Modern traffic tunnels and underground structures require a lining system with the proven ability to seal and protect concrete against aggressive water and moisture. Tunnels are lined with geomembranes to increase the life expectancy.

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