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Capping Systems

Capping SystemsCapping systems are used to form a barrier between waste or hazardous materials and the surface, protecting the environment and communities from the harmful effects of the contents of a containment site.

GSE offers several capping systems that are more economical than traditional cover systems because they eliminate layers of cover soil and grass -- and the costs associated with them --  while increasing the space available for waste.

GSE LiteEarthTM  Synthetic Grass Capping System

GSE LiteEarth
GSE LiteEarth is a synthetic grass capping system that eliminates the need for sand ballasts or cover soil and the labor intensive installation that comes with it. The LiteEarth system consists of an EPDM geomembrane liner, UV-resistant synthetic grass, and earth anchors to secure the cover and protect against wind uplift. GSE LiteEarth can save thousands of dollars per acre each year on maintenance costs over a traditional system. 

Download the GSE LiteEarth Brochure


GSE Green Surfaced Geomembranes

GSE LiteEarth
GSE Green geomembranes offer improved aesthetics over a black-surfaced geomembrane in an exposed geomembrane cover system (EGCS). GSE Green includes a UV stabilizer package designed to maintain its appearance and prevent surface cracking. The surface can be textured on one or both sides to increase stability on slopes, and GSE Green can be manufactured using HDPE or LLDPE resin.


GSE capping systems can be used to contain waste in many different industries:

  • Solid Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Coal Ash
  • Mining
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