GSE Environmental’s High Temperature Geomembrane Maintains Integrity in Elevated Temperature Applications


HOUSTON, TX – November 18, 2013 – GSE Environmental, the company known for its pioneering geosynthetic solutions, is excited to introduce its newest innovation: High Temperature Polyethylene Geomembrane. This highly engineered, HDPE geomembrane can withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 100oC (212oF) in many environments, making it essential for high temperature applications where liner integrity and long service life are required. 

When the temperature exceeds 60oC (140oF), stress cracking, oxidation, and UV degradation are accelerated in standard polyethylene geomembranes. This, in turn, can reduce strength properties. GSE’s team of engineers collaborated with resin manufacturers to develop a high temperature resin. They combined this resin with GSE’s proprietary high temperature stabilization formula to produce a liner that delivers the same durability and chemical resistance as all GSE liners and will retain these properties when exposed to sustained temperatures up to 100oC. GSE High Temperature Geomembrane looks, feels, and welds like any GSE geomembrane, but at elevated temperatures it provides exceptional long-term strength and resists stress cracking, punctures and UV degradation.

“With High Temperature Geomembrane, GSE continues its history of developing products in response to industry needs and through collaboration with our customers,” said Mauricio Ossa, Geomembrane Products Manager.

GSE will introduce High Temperature Geomembrane to a global audience at GeoAfrica 2013 (November 18-20) in Accra, Ghana. For more information about High Temperature Geomembrane or GSE’s full line of products and services, visit

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