Geosynthetic Lining Systems

EUCI Annual Conference

Atlanta, GA
March 29-30 

Power generators have developed and revised their ash management, ash storage procedures, groundwater monitoring, and waste water stream management plans to keep their facilities in regulation and continue to adapt and meet changes that may still come. These changes, some of which stem from important legislation that passed near the end of the 2016 Congressional session and the possible approach to be taken by the EPA in light of that legislation and the new administration, are all topics on the minds of those in the industry.

This coal ash focused conference will start the discussion of those changes and how they may affect the changing industry with some discussion on generators’ ash management plans, the CCR and ELG Rule’s regulations and their impacts, ash marketing and mining of ponds, closure service contracting options, and how utilities are accomplishing closures, remediation issues and more.

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