Geosynthetic Lining Systems

10th International Conference on Geosynthetics  

Berlin, Germany
September 21-25, 2014 

Once again, GSE demonstrates its industry leadership with 6 live presentations and 1 poster presentation. Check the final conference schedule for the times and locations of each lecture.

Lecture Presentations

"Market Impacts for Geosynthetics form the Regulation fo the Storage of Coal Combustion Residuals in North America"
Boyd Ramsey, Chief Engineer

"Advances in Geomembranes: Leak Location Liner: Geomembrane Barrier Systems with Increased Integrity"
Boyd Ramsey, Chief Engineer

"Design of Geomembrane/GCL Composite Barrier Systems for High Dynamic Loading Conditions"
Adam Maskal, Technical Manager

"Next Generation Leak Location in HDPE Liners in Landfills and Other Facilities of Environmental Risk"
Bernhard Weiss, Sales Manager

"Flexibility: The Key Property of a Leach Pad Geomembrane"
Mauricio Ossa, Geomembrane Products Manager

Durability Workshop
Catrin Tarnowski will present a paper on geomembrane durability during the full day workshop.

Poster Presentation

"A Successful Story: The Use of HDPE Geomembrane for a Copper Dump Leach Pad Application"
Alex Zheng, Technical Manager

Over 1200 participants are expected to attend this international conference. Great synergy and interaction is anticipated between these events, especially in the co-organized, co-located exhibition. The overlapping of lectures from both events will also attract many additional experts from the geotechnical and geosynthetics professions. As a special benefit the Baugrundtagung willl be translated to English simultaneously.

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